House of technology creats and develops solutions, we have relationships too, with companies that share our ideals and provide auxiliary service to us, and we hold them high and pricelessly
Development and engineering department partner
About the company
Omkar Software Pvt. Ltd (OmkarSoft) is an India based Software Development company Based in Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, OmkarSoft is a fast growing software company. OmkarSoft specializes in Developing web-based Applications and Mobile Apps in iPhone/Android.
We are in business for more than 7+ years have clients from all over the world.
We have 2 office spaces which are full and we are looking for big office space in 2015.

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THE CEO Remarks
“Our major work with house of technology has been in the development and software engineering department ,we actualize their original designs,innovations and inventions created from their studios and labs,particularly the creative campus division,we are happy and glad our journey is more than successful”.