We believe we can solve many challenges you might be facing out there in sectors such as automation, customer care, product improvement, management, sales, telecommunications and internet connectivity.

With our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, business developers and marketers we look into your problem critically, conduct a painstaking research, analyze the data and draw up models to solve your problems. These models are then visualized and actualized through software solutions, web applications, mobile applications and many other ways to make sure we help find an effective, cost-effective and long-lasting solution to your challenge.

Below are some of the web applications, software’s and other solutions we have offered to our clients.

Safari Live Chat

One way to increase your profit margins as an organization is by  having a good rapport with your clients or customers. Whenever they have a problem they should access you fast without hitches. Most clients prefer a one on one conversation with the support team so that they explain to them the problem or rather the challenge they have. We at House of Technology have that one in all solution to your customer care needs in one application, Safari Live Chat .

Safari is an integrated customer care live chat and customer relationship management platform used for text based communication via the internet using a chat box embedded in a website. The agent and website visitors involved respond and communicate in real time.
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Global Customer

Global customer is a Customer Relationship Management System to help you and your company manages and keep track of your current, to be and future customers. Let us organize and automate all business transactions in your company in an easy to use CRM system offering you a means to monitor the work output of your employees and staff. Increase your profit margin as a result of increased productivity. Motivate your staff and reward them based on the metrics of sales output, closed deals and other metrics you use to monitor their productivity. Track clients purchasing history for repeated sales and future sales…
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Creative Campus

Creative campus is an internal nexus of intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs within house of technology) where technologists, young entrepreneurs, designers and engineers, researchers, programmers, hackers and business model developers are internalized, nurtured and provided with the necessary resources that enable them create, develop and implement projects that are innovative, realistic, smart, scalable and that are in congruence with HOT group scope and standards.
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My Profbook

Are you an employer? Are you tired of reading curriculum vitaes from aspiring potential candidate and want a precise but detailed representation of these potential resources for you company? Or alternatively, are you a graduate or just simply a guy looking for a job? And always fail interview because you lose confidence and miss represent yourself in front of the panel? Worry no more as house of technology is working on the biggest combination of platforms that will make you represent yourself without pressure, help employers understand you easily and definitely have a micro blog about yourself……..coming soon
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My World Mall

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast, time is still 24hours a day, but it’s becoming arguably shorter as time goes by, you know why?? Because life has become more interesting and engaging to a point of not getting enough of it ,and you deserve time to get entertained and made happy by life every day ,BUT you have to do purchases and shopping everytime……….it sucks right??,hot group has  shared your thoughts on shopping at you convenience ,by helping you purchase with a button on your laptop or phone .

house of technology gives you https://cartnshop.com:

Cart “n” Shop is an e-platform Product from House Of Technolgy Ltd. Cart “n” Shop allows any Retail/Enterprise Business to expand their sales channels online to attract new customers, inquiries, sales orders. Product offer a various solutions to deliver an Omni Channel experience to customer with centralized view & control across multiple sales channel & Marketing Channels. Cart “n” Shop Allows you to Quickly roll out your Products, Promotions via your own website or mobile app.
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