We believe we can solve many challenges you might be facing in sectors such as :

soft solutions: Automation, customer care, management,sales and many other soft management complementary solutions.

hardware solutions :voice communication solutions ,data and networking solutions and security and surveillance solutions.

With our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, business developers and marketers we look into your problem critically, conduct a painstaking research, analyze the data and draw up models to solve your problems. These models are then visualized and actualized through software solutions, web applications, mobile applications and many other ways to make sure we help find an effective, cost-effective and long-lasting solution to your challenge.

Below are some of the Customer Care & Support Products we have offered to our clients.

Safari Live Chat

One way to increase your profit margins as an organization is by  having a good rapport with your clients or customers. Whenever they have a problem they should access you fast without hitches. Most clients prefer a one on one conversation with the support team so that they explain to them the problem or rather the challenge they have. We at House of Technology have that one in all solution to your customer care needs in one application, Safari Live Chat .

Safari is an integrated customer care live chat and customer relationship management platform used for text based communication via the internet using a chat box embedded in a website. The agent and website visitors involved respond and communicate in real time.

Of all platforms of communication ranging from voice calls, emails and social media, live chat has recently been crowned king of customer satisfaction