We believe we can solve many challenges you might be facing out there in sectors such as automation, customer care, product improvement, management, sales, telecommunications and internet connectivity.

With our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, business developers and marketers we look into your problem critically, conduct a painstaking research, analyze the data and draw up models to solve your problems. These models are then visualized and actualized through software solutions, web applications, mobile applications and many other ways to make sure we help find an effective, cost-effective and long-lasting solution to your challenge.

Below are some of the web applications, software’s and other solutions we have offered to our clients.

My World Mall

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast, time is still 24hours a day, but it’s becoming arguably shorter as time goes by, you know why?? Because life has become more interesting and engaging to a point of not getting enough of it ,and you deserve time to get entertained and made happy by life every day ,BUT you have to eat ,dress ,buy products and know more things……….it sucks right??,hot group has for the last one year shared your thoughts on ,shopping at you convenience ,purchase with a button and most importantly know the shops and places to do all that……and we are building the biggest, most robust system that puts all shops under one roof where you buy you groceries, walk next for toiletries and finish up with new pajamas…………..coming soon